My postcrossing 1

Here I show the postcards (and sometimes the stamps) I get from my postcrossing user "Staff_Only".

27 September 2006

27/9 -06

One postcard from Finland today!
Postcard-ID: FI-69374.

26 September 2006

26/9 -06

Two postcards today!
One from USA with the ID: US-55717.
And one from finland with the ID: FI-65595.

25 September 2006

25/9 -06

I received 3 cards today.
One from Bulgaria with the ID: BG-316.
One from Israel with the ID: IL-1021.
And one from Malaysia with the ID: MY-1151.
Thanks! =)

22 September 2006

22/9 -06

Many postcards today!
The first one from Taiwan with the ID: TW-1192.
The second one is from the United States of America,
it has the ID: US-53725.
And then 3 cards from Germany
with the ID: DE-36200.

20 September 2006

20-21/9 -06

One postcard from Portugal with the ID: PT-16957
and one from Virginia, USA with the ID: US-52860,
that's what was waiting for me when I got home the 20th September!
And today the 21th I had received a postcard from Finland with horses, it had the postcard-ID: FI-66132.

19 September 2006

18/9 -06

I received one postcard yesterday, 18/9 ...
From USA with the postcard-ID: US-53380.

15 September 2006

15/9 -06

One postcard today!
From Germany with the ID: DE-34432.

14 September 2006

14/9 -06

Another card from Finland today -it's really cute!
Postcard-ID: FI-65237

13 September 2006

13/9 -06

Two cards from Finland today!
ID: FI-64803

ID: FI-64682

06 September 2006

6/9 -06

One postcard today! It had the ID: US-51206
and was from Minnesota, USA.

05 September 2006

Today I received my first cards sent from the Czech Republic, 3 cards in an envelope with the postcard-ID: CZ-1357.

01 September 2006

Today I received one postcard. =)
From Finland with the ID: FI-57616