My postcrossing 1

Here I show the postcards (and sometimes the stamps) I get from my postcrossing user "Staff_Only".

31 August 2006

31/8 - 06

Two new postcards today!
This one, a really old one from the Netherlands.
Postcard-ID: NL-20602
And the second one from Oulu in Finland. A nice card!
Postcard-ID: FI-59168

30 August 2006

30/8 -06

Today I received one postcard, it's from the neighbour country Finland!
The postcard-ID: FI-58146

29 August 2006

29/8 -06

Today I received two new cards.
This first one from Finland. It shows the medieval scriptorium in Turku Castle.
The postcard-ID is FI-56402
And the second postcard shows a pumping station in the Netherlands.
Postcard-ID: NL-19937

26 August 2006

My first ...

Hello ...
This is the first time I write in this blogg. I thougt that I would write about all the postcards I receive through postcrossing!
The 13th of July 2006 was the day I joined
The first card I received -its from Hungary with the postcard-Id: HU-705
My second postcard received -from New Zealand with the Id: NZ-5894. A really nice card! One of my best friends are from Hamilton, New Zealand ...

The third card -this one from Pennsylvania in the United States of America. Postcard-Id: US-44768

The 4th postcard I received -from Detroit, USA. Postcad-Id: US-45195

The 5th -from Finland, Id: FI-47606

Number 6, from Finland with the postcard-Id: FI-48674

Number 7, also from Finland. Postcard-Id: FI-46823

My 8th postcard, from Norway. Id: NO-1187

Number 9, from Finland, Postcard-Id: FI-49265

The 1oth postcard, a wonderful card from Washington, USA. Id: US-46153

Number 11 and my first card from Taiwan, a handmade with the Id: TW-1093

From Finland, my 12th postcard. Really cute puppies! Postcard-Id: FI-49978

The 13th card, from Finland and with the ID: FI-52097

Number 14, from Finland with the postcard-Id: FI-51170. It reminded me of the boats I used to make when I was younger!

Number 15 and my first postcard from the Netherlands. ID: NL-18865

The 16th postcard - from Texas, USA. Postcard-ID: US-48415

Number 17 -from Austria with the ID: AT-3057

Number 18 -my first from Portugal. Postcard-ID: PT-16431

Nr. 19 -from Germany. Postcard-ID: DE-31384

Another card from Finland, the twentieth postcard I have received. Postcard-ID: FI-55495

Nr. 21 -a nice card from Minnesota, USA. Postcard-ID: US-49760

Number 22 -from Finland with ID: FI-57540

Nr. 23 -from Oregon, USA. Postcard-ID: US-49144

Number 25 - a postcard from United Kingdom with the ID: GB-12073